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Natacha Andres

Born in Lausanne and a graduate of ECAL (Art school of Lausanne), Natacha Anderes is one of the founding members of the contemporary art association "Circuit" in Lausanne.
She shares her life between teaching visual arts and personal artistic projects.

She has exhibited in Switzerland, Italy and France.
In recent years, she has mainly produced drawings and photographs questioning environmental changes.
"Watchman" is her first documentary film. It deals with the damage caused by shale oil operations in Canada.
This film launches a series of investigations around large mining operations. The second part will be filmed in Serbia in the fall of 2022.
2001 Vaudois workshop of the 700th, Paris
2022 CVC Artist Residency, Belgrade

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   Walter Veronesi

Born in Lausanne and a graduate of the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, Walter Veronesi is a 
professional musician, composer and sound engineer for over 25 years.

He has collaborated throughout his career with various groups, artists and producers such as Wooloomooloo (artist deal with Sony Music), Henri Dès (3 albums, concerts with more than 50 dates at the Olympia in Paris), Thierry Romanens ( 3 albums and tours), Tafta (5 albums and tours), Paul Barrett (U2), Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode), Michel Dierricks (Bashung) and George Clinton.

He has also been a photographer for more than 15 years as well as a cameraman and composer in the film   “Watchman”.

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