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52-minutes documentary by Natacha Anderes produced by Wanaform, shot in Canada in British Columbia and Alberta.
The "Watchman" is an ancestral figure placed at the top of Native American totems. Benevolent, he welcomes strangers who are about to enter a village. Protective, he alerts the inhabitants of a potential danger. 
In Canada, the oil companies exploiting the tar sands are causing an ecological disaster.

This heavy oil is extracted in surface mines located on territories populated by various Aboriginal nations. This film collects testimonies from Native Americans who attest to the annihilation of their territory. Activist or simple citizen, each individual finds himself connected to the other by a profound awareness of environmental changes, by a feeling of profound uprooting. Thus Alice, John, Robert, Jim, Brandon and others become the contemporary “Watchmen” of the damage caused by a policy of economic growth largely based on fossil fuels.



Wanaform, created by Natacha Anderes and Walter Veronesi, offers independent cinematographic projects by combining their complementary abilities (documentation-image-sound-music).
The first collaboration started in 2019 during  Natacha Anderes' first film "Watchman" shooting in which Walter Veronesi actively participated.

Wanaform wishes to offer through its documentaries a look at the issues related to industrialisation and the destruction of ecosystems through the testimonies of people who involuntarily suffer the consequences.
To follow up on "Watchman" a second film will see its first images filmed in August 2022 in Serbia.

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